Seward Farms Field of Fright

Only Open Oct 14th, 21st, 28th

Are you Hungry for a Little Fright? Explore the Field of Fright! It's scary fun for all ages!

Come experience the dark corners of the corn field at dusk!!!

"Enter on Free Will, Exit…on Luck!"

This Halloween those who dare to enter Seward Farms Field of Fright—LOOK OUT!!! They're lurking all about!!!! The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.

Entertaining Seward Farms Field of Fright for the whole family at Seward Farms, in Lucedale, Mississippi, halfway between Mobile, Alabama and Biloxi.There is a field full of clever twists and surprises!! Lots of creatures will be stirring... See if you can survive the unexpected, the fright night thrill of the corn, a hair-raising, adrenaline-pumping night—"until the field lies silent." Zombies roam, Witches take flight, you're in for a fright, this Halloween….

This is a family event, so do not be afraid to bring the whole family! It's a haunting good time!! Just remember depending on your child as to what they can handle in way of fear… Our actors are expected to give a high thrill of spook but are instructed not to touch...

If you survive the haunted greenhouse scare fest and our creepy school bus, you'll board hay wagons to the farthest corner of the corn maze--its the Seward Farms Field of Fright in Lucedale, Mississippi, just west of Mobile, Alabama.Double the scare this year!!!

Jump aboard our Haunted Hayride, which takes you on a 20 minute ride into the darkness of the unknown, and also wander into the “Field of Fright”, where you will enter into a new experience of “FEAR” as you walk into the dark corners of the cornfield.  You choose your package.  Do BOTH or CHOOSE your favorite SCARE!!!  

View pricing on our admission page.

Oct. 28th is Trick or Treat Day

Come meet your favorite cartoon characters!

Remember please, No Cameras or Flashlights at haunted attractions. 
Thank you for your cooperation on this matter-the haunters are blinded by the light or flashes, and we want this to be fun and safe experience for everyone.

Cozy up to a private fire pit, book an educational field trip, or invite your business out for a day in the corn maze.