About Us

A Real Family FarmSteve and Bud Seward, owners of Seward Farms and Corn Maze in Lucedale, MS and Alabama.

Seward Farms is owned and operated by Harry “Bud” Seward and Steve Seward.  This is a 3rd generation farm that dates back to 1938, located on the border of Mississippi and Alabama on Tanner Williams Road, the farm is only 15 miles east of the Mobile airport. 

It all started with Harry Seward and his wife, Mary Aude Hinton Seward, in the early 1930s. Tanner Williams community was a thriving farming place back then with all the families farming this rich soil to make a living. The Seward family grew into four children which included; Polly, Bud, Bill and Diana. It consisted of 360 acres in 1935. It started as a Diary Farm, which was sold in 1952, and then they started beef, cattle and row crops.

Seward Farms and Corn Maze, Tanner Williams Road in Lucedale, MississippiThe farming operation today consists of beef cattle, cotton, peanuts, corn and grain.  The farm consists of 985 owned acres and 4,000 leased acres for the day to day operations. 

In addition to row crops, we also grow ryegrass, and accommodate over 4,000 head of feeder calves during the cool season, and around 1,000 during the summer months.  The variety of peanuts grown on the farm is used for peanut butter, candy bars and peanut oil.  The cotton is sold to the gin to be used for clothing, and even to help make the American Dollar.

Seward Farms and Corn Maze, Tanner Williams Road in Lucedale, MississippiOur diversification, and years of farming experience have enabled us to make good farming decisions and to continue in today’s market for agriculture.  The efficiency of the farm has enabled the farm to run with minimal problems in the past years—having hands on experience during our  years of farming has given us  the capability, knowledge and skill to run the farming operation.  We also strive to keep up with the fast pace of changing technology in farming, and we believe this has helped us in maintaining a family farm in today’s economy. 

We believe in good family morals, and family members are all part of the working farm.  Bud’s wife Rita, daughter Susie and Steve’s wife Susan are all part of the daily operations.  Whether it is office work, running errands, field trips or all day FUN on Saturday’s at the Corn Maze!

Our children play important roles on the farm as well. Steve and Susan Seward’s children, Megan and Andrew, help out with daily farming duties whether its Megan tending to all the horses, mowing grass, helping their dad vaccinate new cattle, working at the corn maze or Andrew driving the Case IH tractor to help his dad plow the fields for planting. Bill and Susie Seward Kelley’s boys, Kase, Koda and Kole, help out when cattle need to be vaccinated, working at corn maze, riding the combine, during harvest season, with their grandpa Bud and helping with any farm task that needs to be done.The Seward Family, Seward Farms and Corn Maze, Tanner Williams Road in Lucedale, Mississippi

Fun on the Farm

Fall family fun at Seward Farms in Lucedale, MS at the Alabama border.Agri-Entertainment is growing on family farms throughout America, giving the opportunity for families and teachers to come back to the basics and experience a farm, “Where it all Starts”. 

In the fall of 2002, Seward Farms joined the ranks of the Agri-entertainment business and opened Seward Farms Maze to local elementary schools and visitors around the Gulf Coast.  We’re proud to say we are the first Corn Field Maze to be located on the Gulf Coast! 

Challenge our educational corn maze at Seward Farms and Corn Maze, Tanner Williams Road in Lucedale, MississippiDuring the week the maze is used as an Educational tool to teach students about their clothing and food.  The first question we ask students in the learning barn is, “Can you live without a farmer in your life?” 

They are taught that “Farmers Keep America Growing!" Seward Farms Maze has offered a unique, wholesome "Outdoor with Agricultural Education" for children, as well as, fun for all Family Members for over a decade now.

We hope to be able to continue making memories that last a lifetime for our students and visitors.

Cozy up to a private fire pit, book an educational field trip, or invite your business out for a day in the corn maze.